Temperature & Humidity Control

Temperature and humidity control help your property get back to peak performance after poor environmental conditions cause mold or destruction.

Creating an Ideal Environment

If not controlled by a professional, dramatic fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity can lead to issues like warping and accelerated deterioration. Temperature and humidity control help your building get back to peak performance after a poor building environment causes mold or destruction. Our team specializes in both commercial and residential temperature and humidity control.

The Best Tools to Create a Better Environment

Not all drying strategies are effective for all locations. When assessing your building, we factor in the location, weather, age, and structure to determine the best course of dehumidification, ensuring the right tools are brought in to get the job done. Bold has more than 30 years of experience in helping businesses restore their buildings to an ideal environment.

Bold’s professional dehumidification services may include an evaluation of the building’s moisture using moisture meters. Once the team has evaluated moisture levels, a customized dehumidification plan is established. The dehumidification process may include various tools during multiple phases, including negative air machines, industrial dehumidifiers, air movers, fans, etc. As the building dries, the team measures moisture to ensure a completely dry environment. Following dehumidification, the team works with you in implementing best practices that prevent moisture in the future.

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